Android 7

Google’s new Android 7.0 Nougat is being rolled out for Nexus devices and it will reach more devices in the coming months. Here are some of the best features that are only available in Android 7 Nougat and not in earlier versions.

1. More Battery Life

Android 7

Android Marshmallow has a feature called Doze mode to keep apps in a low-power state while the phone is flat and still. Apps will check for updates less frequently and will show less alerts. This feature got more intelligent with the Android 7 Nougat, and it can sense when you are not using the phone, even if it is in your pocket or bag.

2. Multi-window support

Android 7

The ability to run two apps simultaneously in the same window was already available in some Android modes, but officially, this is a new feature for Android OS. This is more useful in tablets of smartphones with larger screens.

To use this feature, Open the multitasking view with a tap on the Overview (square) button, then hold and drag an app title bar to the top or left of the screen, and pick another app to view alongside it. Tap and hold on the black bar in the center to change how much space each window gets. Drag it all the way to the top or to the right to go back to the original single-window mode, or press and hold the square Overview button.

3. Control notification priority

Android 7

Android gives priority to notifications based on the app, and now you can change it. You can control which app’s notification should appear on the top and which should not.

You need to activate the hidden System UI Tuner menu first by tapping and holding the gear icon at the top of Quick Settings (which usually takes you straight to Settings).

Now switch the controls to On and you can assign each app a level of priority: the levels are all explained on the opening screen. Level 5 apps, for example, are allowed to generate full-screen interruptions; Level 0 apps can’t show notifications at all.

To change an app’s level, press and hold on one of its notifications, or choose Apps from the Settings menu. Tap the A to take control rather than letting the app itself decide.

4. More frequent and silent updates

Android 7

Android Nougat will download and install the update in the background. Google is also promising more frequent updates. The full hassle-free upgrade experience is only available to new Nougat devices, but older Nexus handsets will apply updates “much faster” according to Google, and may not require a reboot every time.

5. New settings page

Android 7

In Android Nougat, it shows important setting on top, when you open the settings menu. This will include battery level, volume level, remaining storage, the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to and current memory use (for example) just by swiping down the Settings screen.

6. Customize the Quick settings pane

Android 7

Android 7 Nougat will give you more control over the Quick settings panel’s layout. Open the pane by swiping two-finger drag down from the top of the screen and tap Edit. You can hold on an icon to reposition it or drag in new icons from the icon list underneath.

7. Reply to notifications directly

Android 7

Android Nougat will allow you to reply to an incoming message straight from the notification itself. Which means, you won’t have to open the app to send a reply to a message.


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