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Three days ago Facebook announced that it will bypass ad-block filters and Force their ads on users who use ad-block. Yesterday, the leading ad-block plugin maker, Adblock Plus already found a new way to block those advertisements. There is option to do it manually, or just by clicking the ‘update now’ button.

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Just copy and paste it. You can find directions for other browsers, here.

AdBlock Plus does allow some ads to pass through their filters, by charging the advertisers for the same. The war between web publishers and ad blockers has been brewing for a while now. The website publishes definitely want users to see the ads in the website. Because most probably that website will be running from the ads income. On the other side, users don’t want to see ads in the websites they visit, because most ads make the website load slowly or it will cause to lag the browser or website itself.

Facebook and Google own about 64% of the advertising industry online, according to The Guardian. India publishers like The Hindustan Times, Times of India and many others, have taken to blocking ad blockers on their website. They don’t allow users to view content unless their ad blockers are disabled.

Facebook and Google gets most of their income from advertising, so it is not surprising that Facebook is trying to bypass the ad-blockers. Facebook is not blocking the content just like many other websites do, instead Facebook is giving more control to the users. A user can choose to see only relevant adverts using the new Facebook settings.


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