Nokia Lumia 900
Today’s smartphones are all the same, it seems. Big, black, faceless slabs of metal that offer an endless sea of icons. Nokia’s Lumia 900 goes beyond the glossy smartphone and takes you into a realm that lets you live and do more than you could possibly imagine with your pocket companion. Whether it’s browsing the web at blistering speeds or uploading photos to Facebook faster than the competition, the Lumia 900 offers the best of the smartphone world with a beautifully designed chassis that’s sturdy enough to withstand the modern life.

Nokia Lumia 900

Using a one-piece polycarbonate body (available in black, cyan and white) the Nokia Lumia 900 exudes style at every turn. And thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, the chassis won’t scratch and degrade over time – plus Gorilla Glass protects the screen from drops and bumps too.

The beautiful design doesn’t end with the body of the Nokia Lumia 900 – switch on the stunning 4.3-inch AMOLED screen (with ClearBlack technology to make it easy to see your phone outdoors) and you can pin your favourite people and groups to the Start screen thanks to Live Tiles. Forget about apps that wait for you to tap. With the Nokia Lumia there’s less clicking in and out – the information comes to you. Pin apps to your Start screen and they’re alive with animations and updates, bringing you the news headlines, the latest eBay bids or train times – whatever you need to know.

You’ll see your friends’ latest messages and news right there through the People Hub, with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all built in. Choose the person to contact, all from one central place. So you needn’t worry about how you’ll get in touch. Simple. And with its suite of over 100,000 apps, the Windows Phone Marketplace can offer you most of the apps you’re already using and more. Be it goal highlights from ESPN, battling zombies in BB App-ocalypse or giving your photos a creative edge, there’s a wealth of content to choose from.

And you can download them in super-quick time too, with the super-fast HSDPA connection giving you access to some of the fastest speeds the networks have to offer.To savour the moment, the 8MP camera with dual LED flash fitted snugly to the rear of the Lumia 900 will capture it perfectly no matter what the setting. And if you want to get chatting and see who’s talking, the 1MP front-facing camera will always show your best side.

Take a photo in a touch and immediately tag the photo before you share to Facebook or Windows Live, thanks to our new face tagging feature. From pocket to picture to your social network in seconds.

Nokia Lumia 900
The Nokia Lumia 900 is the phone for media too. Watching a movie on the 4.3″ clear and large display offers a sparkling experience that won’t have you squinting at a tiny screen to catch your daily dose of video action.
The pre-loaded Nokia Music app provides the perfect media mate for all your audio needs – want to listen to a selection of the latest tunes in your favourite genre? Nokia Mix Radio lets you pause and skip tracks as well as save them for offline listening – all for free and coupled with a well-stocked music store for access to new tracks.
Or perhaps you’re more of a fan of live music? Nokia’s got that covered with the dedicated Gig Finder –tell the Lumia 900 your favourite band and it will alert you when they tour near you, meaning you’ll never miss that one-off gig in the tiny pub ever again.

Look around you

Don’t worry about being lost with the Lumia 900 in your pocket – with Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive, which come free and fully-loaded, you’ll be able to find the best club in any town, navigate your way with fantastically well-stocked maps and turn-by-turn directions or seek out the speediest way home on train, bus or tube with Nokia’s new Transport app as well.
Nokia Lumia 900
Or perhaps you’ve found your way but want a cheeky game on the go – with Xbox integration you can seek out those extra achievement points and update your avatar the way you want, and all from the comfort of your smartphone.You can do all this and more without having to worry about constantly looking for a power point every few hours either: the high-capacity battery will keep you going all day long, despite the fact you’ll be constantly using the vibrant screen, a cornucopia of creative apps and a gaming experience that’s second to none.

Its fantastic screen, superb suite of apps and top-end gaming capabilities – coupled with the only OS that runs with Word, Excel and PowerPoint for working on the go– making it the phone that should be at the top of your list when thinking about your next handset.

Nokia Lumia 900


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