Always keeping all the required physical documents is a little inconvenient, especially while traveling. A government initiative is trying to change this by making the driving licence and vehicle registration certificates (RCs) digital. Yes, soon we will be able to carry around these in our smartphone. This is being made possible by the DigiLocker app, a crucial element of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign

A year ago, the government launched the DigiLocker, a digital locker for our government documents. Now, DigiLocker has partnered with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to digital driving license and vehicle registration certificate. We will be able to leave the physical documents at home, and the police or other officials will be able to verify the documents with the app.

“The system will not only eliminate corruption but is a mega step towards realising Prime Minister’s Digital India drive. The citizens can use this at airports as valid identity document,” Road Transport and Highways Minister Gadkari said.

You will need to install the Android app from Google Play Store, and sign up to the DigiLocker, it will verify us through mobile number using an OTP. You then need to enter your Aadhaar details into the app to start uploading documents – you can upload your own scanned documents, and then there are issued documents, which are e-documents issued by the different government agencies.

You will have to scan and upload the copy of the physical document now, so you will be able to have a simplified digital copy of your driver’s license and registration. The app is not perfect yet, lots of users on Google Play complain about not getting OTP, and frequent app crashes.

When it will start the new digital driver’s license and registration program correctly, it will be easier to keep these documents.


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