Flipkart changes return policy

Amazon recently updated its return policy and now Flipkart is doing the same. Flipkart had a return policy of 30 days that has now been changed (reduced) to 10 days. Now this new policy is applicable for top selling products only.

I am sure many of you might have already bought products from Flipkart and everyone at some point of time might have returned the products for whatever reasons. Once you buy a product from Flipkart you get 30 days to return it and get replacement, other product option or your money back.

Now for top selling products the replacement policy will be 10 days instead of 30 days applicable for Mobile phones, books and other electronic items. Product categories like fashion accessories, watches clothes etc will still come with the 30 days return policy.

Flipkart changes return policy

Though 30 days return was a good option, I guess many buyers misused it, especially in the Mobile segment. People were buying the handset and then returning it for another unit / model, thanks to new handsets being launched almost every week.

Here is the new return policy

If you shop a lot on Flipkart do note that the return policy will soon change to 10 days for top selling products.


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