Google Allo 2.0

Google is rolling out a new update for the chat application, the Allo. This new update will be called Allo 2.0 and it is available Android.

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Google Allo 2.0 New Features

The update ads splitscreen multitasking in Allo. It also adds features like app shortcuts, gif keyboard, and quick replies to the app. Incognito key alerts and support for landscape mode has also been added to the app with the update.

App shortcuts will allow users to start a conversation from the homescreen itself while screen multitasking. Quick reply feature will help users to send reply to a message from the notification itself.

Google’s Allo was revealed recently and it didn’t make a big impact with its launch. People still love WhatsApp and Allo gets a lot of criticism for not having end-to-end encryption just like WhatApp has. Edward Snowden suggest people to not use Google Allo and he defined it as “A Google app that records every message you ever send and makes it available to police upon request.”

Google Allo was launched with built in Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that can respond to queries and otherwise assist the user.

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