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Google Allo is launched and it is awesome

Google Allo

Google launched their new messaging application Allo, and it is available to download for Android and iOS. There are lots of instant messaging app now, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Hike, Hangouts etc. Google has bought their new app Allo’to fight with all the other messenger, and Google Allo has some interesting features.

Google Allo Features

Allo and Duo were announced together at this year’s Google I/O, and the simple video calling app Duo was launched first. Google is not planning to ditch Hangout due to the launch of Allo and Duo. Hangout is a multi-platform messenger, which is also available in web browsers. Allo and Duo are more focused on to personal communications.

Duo is fully encrypted and Allo is not encrypted by default. Smart features like Google’s new Assistant won’t work in an encrypted conversation. Google Duo is only liked to our mobile number, but Allo linked to mobile number as well as our Google account. We can disable this, but Allo collects information about us from the connected Google account and it will be useful. You can disconnect this and still use Allo, but without the ‘smarts’, taking away a key feature of Allo.

Google Allo

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There is an incognito mode, where the messages won’t be saved and the chat will be fully encrypted, means the smart features will be disabled. That means to get the most out of Allo, we have to use it in unencrypted more. The messages will be saved in your Google account to improve the Assistant an d Smart reply features.

Google Allo is a smarter messaging app, with machine intelligence and our natural language processing advances from search. Smart reply – which we first built for Inbox gives real time suggestions to quickly reply to a message based on your responses, and it learns over time.” explains Amit Fulay, Project Manager for Real Time Communications at Google.

Google Allo

“And Assistant is a conversational interface for Google” he adds. “It’ll come to Google Home and new devices from Google, but it’s starting with Allo.”

The way it works is that you can either directly invoke the Assistant – in the text field, just type ‘@google’ to ask your question and the results will come as cards that everyone in the chat can see – or it will use its own smarts to determine whether it should show results or not – for example, chat with someone about meeting for lunch, and it might show nearby restaurants.

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“I actually miss this [Smart reply] when I’m not using Allo,” adds Fulay. “If I use any other messaging app I miss this because it really keeps the conversation going.”

Smart reply feature is not that smart at the beginning, may be it will get better later, as it will learn more about us in a week or more.

Google Allo

Google Allo also has an interesting feature called whisper and shout – essentially, you can change the size of text or emoji – holding the send button reveals a slider that allows you to easily change the size of things. You can emphasise posts (shout) by sliding up to make them bigger, or make them small (whisper) by sliding down. Apple has added similar features to iMessage with iOS 10.

Download Google Allo from PlayStore


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