Google Duo

Google is launching their new video calling app to compete against Facebook Messenger and Skype. Google Duo was announced at Google I/O 2016, Duo will be a simple video calling app, which will work even in low speed connections. Android users can find the app in Play Store, but Google Duo is not yet officially launched in India. Google has currently opened pre-registrations for Indian users. It is not available for iOS users yet, but Google’s official blog says the app will be available for both Android and iOS user within few days.

Google Duo will be working based on the mobile number, just like WhatsApp. Duo app promised to offer crisp 720p HD video resolution. Google claims that if the connection is weak, the app can adjust quality without breaking the call. Also, if you are on the move, the app can seamlessly switch from Wi-Fi to cellular, without interrupting the call.

Google Duo will also offer end-to-end encryption for all video calls, which will ensure privacy. ‘Knock Knock’ is another noteworthy feature of the app, which shows a live video preview of an incoming call.

Google is also expected to launch their messaging app soon, called Allo messenger. Similar to Google Duo, Allo messenger is also expected to have end-to-end encryption. An ‘incognito mode’ of the app will allow users to make specific conversations encrypted, while others will not be encrypted by default. This has opened up a pandora’s box of questions and insinuations from the tech and security community.

Pre-register for Goolge Duo App at Play Store

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