real time Traffic Alerts

Google Maps has added a new Traffic Alert feature for Indian users. Now when you input your destination on Google Maps app, the app will alert you about any traffic congestion and even give you options to avoid it.

The company says that when you use navigation mode on Android or iOS and enter your destination, the app will give you real time Traffic Alerts about upcoming traffic conditions on the way to help you identify the quickest route.

The updated Google Maps will not only provide you the quickest route but will also give you voice alerts of upcoming traffic conditions, if you are already struck in the traffic it will give you estimated time you will be spending in the traffic jam.

But in case there is an alternative faster route available, the app will give you options to take the other routes to avoid the jam. The real time Traffic Alerts feature will be added in the latest update, make sure to update Google Maps when there is an update available.


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