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Reports for multiple sources suggests that Google plans to debut a brand-new launcher for Nexus devices in the near future. Most likely in its 2016 Nexus smartphones Marlin and Sailfish. These are just rumors and nothing is 100% reliable until the nexus 2016 launcher is officially announced.

We can expect it to be true up to 90%, because we have visual evidence! Google is notorious for changing its software design just weeks or days before e the final launch. this launcher is not running on the newest Android version – Nougat. We are sharing these images here and please keep in mind that some of these may never see the light of day, with that in mind lets proceed.

Nexus 2016 launcher GIFs

We have a number of GIFs and still images of the new nexus 2016 launcher. If you have a slow internet connection it might take time to load, please be patient.
nexus launcher nexus launcher
First off, this new launcher does away with the app drawer icon. The drawer itself remains, but it now hides under a “frosted glass” section along the static set of icons on the bottom of the home screen, which have been increased in capacity to five as a result. To access the app drawer, you have two options.

  1. Slide up anywhere in the “frosted Zone” in including the small arrow above the zone.
  2. Just tap the arrow itself, which will reveal the drawer.

To close the drawer, you can swipe down anywhere inside the drawer area, except the notification and nav bars. Or you can hit the back button as usual. There is a large search bar on the top, which is also restyled. All other features os nexus 2016 launcher are same as the current Now launcher’s.

nexus 2016 launcher nexus 2016 launcher

In the home screen, the standard Google Search widget has been removed. There is a calendar widget in place which cannot be moved or removed. Opposite of this calendar widget there is a “G” pull-tab. Tapping the G pull-tab launches the search option. The animation effects of this “G” button may change. The calendar and “G” widgets, by the way, are only on the primary home screen. There is also a settings toggle to turn off the Google Now pane, interestingly.

nexus 2016 launcher
Settings and customizations

Pictures can speak a thousand words, but the experience works much better. You can now download and try the new nexus Launcher for Android devices – Click here to Download.


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