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Google Pixel Launch Date and More Leaked Images

Pixel Launch

Google revealed a new website madeby.google.com, which shows a phone-shaped image of various photographs. You can register using the email ID here, and Google will notify you about whatever the device or thing it is in the phone-shaped image. Most probably it will be the launch of one of the Pixel Smartphone or both of them. A tweet from the Google Twitter account uses a hashtag #madebygoogle, the official Nexus twitter account retweeted the same. The website show October 5th and the in mail date is October 4th has been set for the event, it could be the Pixel Launch, the company might launch the Pixel smartphones or more products on that day.

Recently another leaked image set were floating in the internet and here is it. It looks white, may be its aluminium. Previous leaks showed Blue and black and now we have an aluminium model. The fingerprint scanner can be seen on the back, almost at the centre. The rear camera is accompanied by the LED flash, and possibly the focus-assisting laser, a microphone and one more port. Just like the HTA A9, the phone seems to have the antenna on the rear bottom.

Pixel Launch

Pixel Launch

On the front panel image, the home button is blurred, don’t know why. We can clearly see the selfie camera, speaker/earpiece and a proximity sensor.


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