Botnet Cleaning Center

Government of India is about to kick start a long awaited malware and botnet cleaning center with soft launch on December 20. This program is aimed to automatically disinfecting computers and mobile phones from viruses and malicious programs for free.

Government Botnet Cleaning Center

“Major cyber-security initiative of Digital India. Soft Launch of BotNet cleaning center of India CERT from December 20,” Ministry of Electronics and IT, Additional Secretary Ajay Kumar tweeted on Sunday.

Botnet Cleaning Center

This new program will be able to function against botnets and DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks. Botnet is a network of malicious software that can steal information. From December 20, Indian CERT will start informing Internet service providers about infected systems.

Users will have to synchronize their system to the malware cleaning center. ISPs will alert their customers about infection in their PC or mobile and recommend them to download a software from the BotNet center to remove the malware.

The software will be free and it will do away the need of installing anti-virus software in PC and mobile phones. The system is expected to be operation completely by December 26.

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