Truecaller on Friday announced that they have partnered with Huawei, to ship Huawei flagship handsets with the app pre-installed. This app can find details of unknown mobile or landline phone numbers. These details might include name, address and location of the caller. It can also block unwanted calls and fill details in your phonebook using social media profiles of contacts. It instantly tells you who’s calling before you pick up the call.

“Truecaller will be rolled out on Huawei mobile phones in America, Middle East & North Africa, South East Asia & India by end of September 2016,” the company said in its blog on Friday.

The app will help the users to search for numbers, block spam calls, check availability and call duration. The company integrated the Truedialer app with the main Truecaller app four months ago, and around half billion calls are being made per month through the inbuilt dialler in the Truecaller app.

“Our vision of how the dialler should naturally evolve – with features like caller Availability, Caller ID, and smart call history, provide a gateway for user’s to fully communicate with each other at the right time and to the right person,” Truecaller said in the post.

They rolled out an update for iOS last month, which added features like Smart Call History and a built-in dialler that allowed users to make calls from within the app.  But, even the latest iOS app doesn’t have the ‘Live Caller ID’ feature, which is available in Android.

In an emailed statement, Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Truecaller, said, “Our partnership with Huawei is a big milestone and is the first of its kind that has only scratched the surface of the immense potential that is yet to be discovered with Truecaller.”

George Zhao, President of Honor, said, “As we were planning the launch of our flagship device Honor 8, we were looking for partners who can truly redefine the user experience, Truecaller was an obvious choice to help improve the native calling functions. They provide an indispensable service for millions of users each day. We are joining hands to ensure that respective brands get the best of both worlds.”

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