images of LG V20

This leaked images of LG V20 is an example for the occasional smartphone design leaks from case manufacturers. Case makers will get generic 3D images a correct dimensions of the smartphone even before the official launch. This will give them time to manufacture accessories before its launch.

An electronics accessories distributor has posted photos of a clear rugged case for the upcoming LG V20, with the phone nestled inside. We can clearly see the speaker grill, secondary display and camera shutter.

Also worth noting, although it appears the back of the phone has a perforated look to it (like the original Galaxy S5), that’s actually from the case — not the phone itself. We’re still trying to figure out what’s going on with the bottom bezel area but if rumors hold true, it can be detached to make way for a handful of modular accessories that will presumably launch alongside the phone (just like we saw with the LG G5).

We will have to wait till the Sept 6th event in San Francisco to know if these leaked images are true or not.

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