Increase Jio Speed

Reliance Jio was first available only for LYF smartphone, later they were available for all 4G enabled devices. At first we were able to access internet at a speed of 3.8MBps (38Mbps), but with the Welcome offer the speeds went down to 600KBps. Now here is a trick to Increase Jio Speed up to 3.5MBps or more.

How to Increase Jio Speed to Maximum

This trick will help you to Increase Jio Speed to waht we were able to achive during the Preview Offer period. You will have to change the APN settings in your smartphone. Go to settings -> Network settings (Mobile Networks) -> find the APN options (Access Point Names).

Select an active APN and choose ‘edit’

change only the following settings, leave the remaining as it is.

Name : Internet

APN : jionet

Server :

APN Type : default,supl,xcap

APN Protocol : IPv4

APN Roaming Protocol : IPv4

Bearer : LTE

Save the changes, and restart you phone. You have successfully edited your Access Pint Name  settings to gain maximum speeds through Jio network. I was getting less than 300KBps speed before trying this. Now I am getting speeds up to 3.5MBps through the same SIM and 4G smartphone.

Reliance Jio network is capable of providing high speed internet to all, actually They have to decrease the speeds to keep up with the 4GB daily limit. The 4GB daily limit was implemented due to complaints from Airtel, Idea and Vodafone to TRAI, as their sales was decreasing due to Jio’s unlimited high speed internet and other free services. As TRAI asked Jio to put  a 4GB limit per day, Jio has to increase the speeds as well. Otherwise, users will use the 4GB data within minutes and they will blame Jio for not giving more data.

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