Have you bought a new desktop PC or a laptop? Then you might want to install an OS in it, unless it comes with bundled OS. We will help you to learn to install Windows 10 in your computer even if you have no idea how to do it. First of all, you need a fast and stable internet connection and a Windows computer, at least for few minutes or hours.

Where to Buy Windows 10 ?

Here, we will be showing how to install Windows 10 Pro versions, but Windows 10 Home version’s installation method is almost the same. There are two methods to get Windows 10 for a new computer. You can buy Windows 10 from online / offline, it is available from Amazon and Flipkart.

Download Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website, use it, and buy the serial key later. You can use the serial key that came with the Windows 10 that you purchased physically. Another way is to purchase an OEM key for cheaper price online.

Here we will help you to learn how to download an ISO file and make a bootable pen drive using it to install Windows 10 in any PC you want. We will be discussing only genuine methods here, no illegal activation tricks.

How to Install Windows 10

You will have to get the ‘Download Tool’ from Microsoft’s website first. Here is the link

This is a small .exe file, after completing download run it, and accept the ‘License Terms’. Within hew seconds, you can see two options as following

  • Upgrade this PC now
  • Create installation media for another PC

We will be using the second option, as we might be installing this in a new PC.  By clicking next, you will be taken to a window where you can select the language, version of Windows 10 and architecture. Choose ‘English United Kingdom’ (it is fine if you choose English United States) as the language. Choose edition as you wish, Windows 10 Pro is costly and Windows Home is the cheaper one.

Install Windows 10
Architecture is the most important, if you have a computer with 2GB or lesser RAM, choose only 32bit, if there is 4GB or more RAM, choose 64 bit. As all PCs today come with 64-bit architecture, it will be fine, unless you plan to install this in an older PC. Go to My Computer, and right click on any empty place and take properties to see the PC’s capable architecture in your old PC.

Select which Media to use

Click next and you can see two options to choose which media to use.

  • USB flash drive
  • ISO file

USB flash drive option is good, but the files will get corrupted easily, if you choose the ISO option, you can keep it as a backup, and make as many bootable pen drives as needed and some laptops wont detect pen drives at boot, you will have to use a DVD. So, select the ISO file option and select where you want to save the ISO file. I was using a 3MBps connection and it took around 25 minutes download the 3.25GB sized ISO file. It will take a few more seconds to verify the file and save as an ISO file, wait for it.

After you see the ISO file in the destination folder, close the ‘Download Tool’ and download a small software called ‘Rufus’, here is the link. After downloading it, connect your pen drive to the PC, it should be at least 4GB. Run the Rufus software and select the pen drive in the top option, also select the ISO file using the small icon near the ‘ISO Image’ option. DO not change any other settings and press start. Wait for it to complete, it took 23 minutes to download in my case through USB 2.0.

After Creating a Bootable Pendrive

So we have the bootable pendrive with us, now go to the BIOS settings and select this pendrive as the first boot device. If the laptops and desktop is new and doesn’t have any OS, there is chance that the pendrive will work without changing any settings as there is no other bootable drive, try it if you want to. Using while starting a PC, you can tap the ‘F2’ and ‘Delete’ button continuously, and the computer will load the BIOS options. Navigate to the ‘Boot Options’ and set the connected pen drive as the first boot device. Pres ‘f10’ to save and exit, the PC will now boot from the pendrive. Do the rest as shown in the video, it is very easy.

After installation, you can try Windows 10, and enter key in the settings. You can purchase Windows 10 from the following links, and they come with a bootable pendrive in it. The steps shown in the video is applicable for that installation as well.

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