Super Mario Run

Nintendo is about to announce their console, but the company announced that they are bringing Mario to iOS. The new game is called Super Mario Run and it will be launched in iOS first. The Legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto took to the stage to make the announcement. The announcement was made with the launch of iPhone 7.

iOS users can play the game suing one thumb only, just like most other smartphone games. Mario will run to the right and tap to jump, timing is important. Like any other similar games, you will have to collect coins and go the flagpole at the end of each level before time runs out.

Super Mario Run

There is a multiplayer battle mode called Rally, we can choose our opponent and try to beat their high score. There will be no in-app purchases in the game, and it is not clear about the pricing. This game is expected to launch in the holiday season for 2016. Super Mario stickers will be available after the iOS launch.

The company was making more content for smartphones recently. Shigeru Miyamoto was against bringing Nintendo characters to the small screen. Super Mario Run looks fun with good graphics and the multiplayer mode.

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