iPhone 7 Plus leaked image

An iPhone 7 Plus leaked image has been posted on Chinese website, Bastille Post, and shows a dual-camera setup. The iPhone 7 Plus is rumored to come with a dual camera setup and earlier renders and suggested that the phone would have two separate camera openings. However, the new image suggests that the two cameras may be placed in a single pill-shaped enclosure.

The image also shows the redesigned antenna lines that was suggested by a leaked image a few days ago. There are also three dots located at near the bottom of the phone which may be a Smart Connector. However, it is not know how the Smart Connector may be used on an iPhone or what accessories might be included. Just like the iPhone 7 Plus leaked image, earlier reports have suggested that the dual camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus might use two 12MP cameras by Sony. One camera might come with optical image stabilization, while the other might offer optical zoom. The camera might also make use of technology, which produces high-quality images from relatively small multi-lens sensors. This technology is developed by LinX and Apple acquired the firm last year.

iPhone 7 Plus leaked image

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