Apple is planning to launch new iPhone in 2017 and one of the top end model might be code-named ‘Ferrari’.

iPhone Code-named ‘Ferrari’ to Sport Borderless OLED Display

A post on Chinese website Weibo suggests that in 2017, Apple will launch 3 models called D20, D21 and D22. The D22 variant might be the highest model, code-named ‘Ferrari’ and it is expected to sport an OLED display, ‘invisible’ home button, wireless charging, and more.

The Ferrari variant will have a major redesign in the internals, including the logic board into two discrete units. These units will be connected by a flex cable. The first half of the board will carry the phone’s operating units like the anticipated Apple A11 SoC and NAND flash storage, and a communications package. The other half is expected to feature Wi-Fi and cellular components. Apple might move the SIM card to the bottom half to create more space for certain components.

A recent leak also suggested that the company might consider launching dual-SIM variants of its iPhone models in future. There are just rumors and we will have to wait until the official announcement from Apple.

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