Surface Phone

Microsoft failed to win a place in the market with the Lumia handsets. It is expected that the company is working on a new smartphone, called the Surface Phone. New report is, Microsoft will launch these smartphones with fingerprint scanners in the display itself.

Microsoft Surface Phone may have fingerprint scanner in the display

Most of today’s smartphones has fingerprint scanners embedded into the home button, or it will be placed on the rear panel. With the Surface Phone, Microsoft is trying to enable both LCD and OLED display to sense fingerprints. This will help manufacturers to save space while designing the smartphone and make them thinner.

Surface Phone

According to the patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the system would entail a wave guide and filter placed beneath the display glass. When a finger is pressed on the display, a sensor to the side of the glass would detect the various ridges of the print.

It is a patent, not a final product, it might need lot of tweaks and fixes. Let’s hope Microsoft will bring the technology to their Surface Phones. There will be multiple Surface Phones, with different RAM sizes and Snapdragon chipsets.

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