WhatsApp Status

New WhatsApp Status feature is now rolling out worldwide on Android, iPhone and Windows devices. Users in India have also received the new WhatsApp Status feature.

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What is WhatsApp Status?

It is the company’s new way to make people more engaged with the app. This new WhatsApp Status feature will be replacing the old text based form of status. The new feature allows users to set a short video or photo as their status.

“We are excited to announce that, coinciding with WhatsApp’s 8th birthday on February 24, we are reinventing the status feature,” wrote Jan Koum, CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp, in an announcement blog post earlier this week.

What can we set as WhatsApp Status?

With the new feature, users will be allowed to share photos and videos with friends and contacts on the app. The status messages will disappear after 24 and it will be end-to-end encrypted just like the chats.

“Starting today, iPhone, Android and Windows users can send photos, videos and GIFs through Status to share special moments throughout their day with friends and family,” said WhatsApp in a press statement.

Who can see my WhatsApp Status?

Just like the ‘Last Seen’ option, you can set who can see your new WhatsApp Status, the three options are My contacts, My contacts except, and Only share with. By default, the WhatsApp status will be set to visible for all contacts. Users who change their status with an image or video, will be also shown the view count on the app. Tap the eye icon at the bottom of any Status update and you can view a list of contacts who saw the update. The feature, however, will need you to enable Read Receipts. When Read Receipts is disabled, WhatsApp notes, “Can’t see views because you disabled Read Receipts in Settings > Account > Privacy.”

What else is new with the WhatsApp Status rollout?

You can see the addition of the Camera tab on the left, symbolised with a camera icon. It is there to easily shoot photos or record videos to use as Status Updates, or share regularly with contacts.


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