Opera VPN

Opera recently launched their free VPN app for android and iOS. Now, the company released free Opera VPN for desktop opera browsers as well, you can download opera browser for Windows, Linux and Mac computers. Unlike the Android and iOS version, this time Opera VPN is not a standalone app, it comes bundled in the Opera web browser. Users can activate the free VSPs service easily, it is as easy as pressing a single button.

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Opera launched the VPN service in their browser as a beta service back in April. This service was launched for iOS as a standalone app a month later, and in August Android app came out. Now we can download the latest Opera desktop browser and use the Opera VPN service without any restrictions.

Opera VPN

It is free and unlimited it also support to change the geographical location easily, there are five locations – Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, and USA. Opera will choose a server based on network speed, latency, location and server load. This will help you to access region locked content and will secure your data from third party snooping. The app supports English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish languages.

To activate it, Mac users just need to click the Opera menu, select “Preferences” and toggle the feature VPN on, while Windows and Linux users need to go to the “Privacy and Security” section in “Settings” and enable Opera VPN there.

“If people knew how the internet truly works, I believe they all would use a VPN,” says Krystian Kolondra, SVP of Opera browser for computers. “By making our browser VPN free and easy to use, we hope to make it an essential tool, just as the lock and key is to your house.”

“We know that people are concerned about their privacy online and that the interest for VPN is increasing,” Kolondra adds. “However, two major obstacles are blocking people from using it: VPNs are too complicated to use, and they require a monthly subscription. Opera resolves both issues by introducing its free and easy-to-use service right into the browser.”


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