Pokemon Go

Nintendo announced that they will be launching the Super Mario Run is iOS first. Niantic took to the stage to announce Pokemon Go for the Apple Watch.

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Since the game’s release, it has been downloaded 500 million times and trainers have collectively walked 4.6 billion kilometres while playing the game.

By launching Pokemon Go in Apple watch it will allow people to explore and have fun with finds and family without using the phone.

It seamlessly integrates gameplay while you walk or run which is recorded as a workout. The distance needed to walk before an egg hatches will be shown on the home screen and a voice prompt tells you when a Pokemon is near while a vibration tells you when you’re approaching a PokeStop, ensuring you never miss one. Swiping lets you collect a Pokemon. Pokemon Go for the Apple Watch will ship before the year is up.

Pokemon Go lost lots of users in the past few weeks. It will be interesting to see how people will react to this Pokemon Go Apple Watch game.

The mobile versions of Pokemon Go is not yet launched in India. It is not sure if the developers are plan to launch it soon or if the Apple watch version will be launched here or not.


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