Prisma Android

Prisma Photo editing app is viral among smartphone users. Unfortunately, Android users was unable to install it as the developers didn’t publish and Android version. Invitation was required to install Android version. Few hours ago Prisma released their beta version and it went viral again!! Prisma Android users began enjoying it even though it has bugs. Thousands or lakhs users started editing images or photos and published it in internet.

Our Article on Prisma Beta Release

Prisma Android Beta version stopphed working

May be even the developers were not expecting this kind of a response from users. Now the app is not allowing users to create artwork. If you open the app, select an image, and try to add a filter it will show “Thank you for trying the beta. Please, wait for the official release”.

Prisma Android

That’s it! Now we have to wait even more days for the full version of Prisma Android. This error or text shows only if you are connected to internet. If you are not connected to internet it will show “There is a problem with your internet connection. Please try again”. The app clearly uses their servers to process the images. The developers didn’t want everyone to start using the app already.

Definitely a sudden bad surprise for the Android users. But the big question is when will they launch Prisma officially for Android? The app was planned to be released by the end of the month, we could expect that to happen. Looking at the release of the beta version, it seems to be well planned.

We will update when the app is officially released for Android.


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