Jio 4G Speed

Reliance Jio was available for everyone with a 4G smartphone in India from September 5. The Preview offer started with Reliance employees and later it was available in all LYF smartphone. Soon Reliance started providing the Preview Offer for other brands like Samsung and LG. Many considered this Preview Offer very useful and as an alternative for the broadband services. Reliance Jio Preview offer was the best opportunity to experience the real Jio 4G Speed.

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With the launch the company introduced their plans, which were quite good. Jio also announced the Welcome Offer, which was a downgraded version of the Preview Offer. Every existing Jio customer or new users will be able to get free Jio services using the Welcome Offer starting from September 5. This offer allows users to access 4GB of 4G data per day until December 31, 2016. Considering it is free, everyone wanted it and there is lot of demand for Jio SIMs. Now Jio SIM cards are impossible to find from the company’s retail stores and those who already has one is struggling to get it activated. But users like me, who have been using the service for weeks or months are facing another issue.

Jio 4G Speed August vs September

During the Preview Offer period there were very few people using the network. We were able to enjoy high speed 4G network, may be sue to the low server load, and may be Jio was not controlling the speed from their side. Whatever the reason is, speeds are low now, for every Jio user.

Jio 4G speed
Reliance Jio 4G Speed on August
Jio 4G speed
Reliance Jio 4G Speed on September

In the Preview Offer period I was able to achieve speeds up to 38Mbps, and most time speed was 25Mbps – 31Mbps. Now the Jio 4G Speed is low at less than 7Mbps, all time. I didn’t get speed above 7Mbps since 7th September.  Jio is claimed to the only “full-4G” network in India, as it has been built from the ground up for high speed data. But if the company continue to deliver these slow speeds to its customers, it will destroy the reputation, which was built by offering high speed Preview Offer. I will be completely unacceptable if this service was not free now. It is not really slow, but considering it is a 4G network, it is very slow.

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