Jio bill

Reliance Jio is still giving their service for free and other telecom service providers seems to be very upset about it. We have seen other major telecom operator complaining about Jio’s free service to TRAI in the past months. As a result of it, Reliance had to stop the unlimited Preview offer and forced to start a Welcome offer, which is limited with only 4GB data per day. Later rumors were using Jio SIM in a phone will cause the SIM slot to work only with JIO SIMs, we have tested more than 20 phones with JIO network and didn’t faced any issues. The latest scam is fake Reliance Jio bill of Rs. 27,000.

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Reliance Jio bill of Rs. 27,000 is FAKE

The bill is addressing a Jio user from Kolkata and the amount shown in the bill is Rs. 27,718. The due date for payment is November 20 and after that the amount will be Rs. 28,815.

Jio bill

It is later reported to be fake and the creator of the bill has been arrested. Reliance clearly declared that their Welcome offer if free, and these details are available in their website. These are just acts of scared telecom operators; they might be paying these people to create fake new against Reliance Jio.

Everyone want a Jio SIM to enjoy the Welcome Offer until December 31. Unlike the Preview Offer, Jio is not offering unlimited data usage this time. There is a 4GB usage limit per day, but in 30 days a user can use up to 120GB of data for FREE. An Airtel user will have to spend almost Rs. 7,600 to get that much data using the Mega Save Pack for Rs.1498 + Rs.51/GB. The welcome offer also give unlimited voice calls and access to Jio apps such as JioTV, JioCinema, JioBeats, etc. Unlike before, the speeds are low now, but most users are able to get stable 600KB/s speed for free. I used to get 4MBps speed last month, but now speed is less than 700KBps

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