Jio Dongle 2

If you don’t have a 4G enable device, there was JioFi device to use Jio 4G network. Two types of JioFi devices were are already there, one with LED indicators and a new model with OLED display, both of them came with internal battery. Now the company has launched a new device called the Jio Dongle 2. It doesn’t have internal battery, just like most of the USB dongles, which needs to be connected to a USB port to work.

Jio Dongle 2

The launch is not official, a Twitter use Yatin Chawla, shared images of the new dongle. The Jio Dongle 2 is now available from Reliance Digital stores along with the SIM cards and JioFi devices.

As we mentioned above, this device does not have internal battery and it needs to be connected to a USB port to generate the WiFi signal. Any USB port with power can be used for this device, like a laptop USB, a power bank or even a charger with USB port will work. Yatin Chawla also tweeted the Jio Dongle 2 is available for the same price as the JioFi devices, for Rs. 1,999.

Earlier this month Reliance Jio launched the new JioFi 4G wireless hotspot device with OLED display and an improved 2600mAh battery. This device also comes with Reliance Jio SIM cards, and it is being sold for Rs. 1,999.

Reliance Jio network was only available in LYF smartphones and later they made it available for all 4G enabled smartphone. At the same time the JioFi 2 device was launched with a glossy egg-shaped design, which got scratches easily. It gave device information through LED indicators, and it was limited. The new OLED model gave more detailed information using the small screen. It has a matte finish design with square shape. The new JioFi device comes with a 1600mAh battery, the old one had a 2300mAh battery. Using the OLED display it can show the power on/off status, battery life left, 4G signal strength and WiFi signal strength.


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