Reliance Jio Preview

Reliance is now offering Jio SIM with 90 days’ Reliance Jio Preview offer for all Samsung and LG smartphones. If you have a Samsung or LG smartphone with VoLTE support, you will get a free Jio SIM with 90 days unlimited data and voice.

All you need to do is to visit the Reliance store, submit your KYC documents, keep the handset with you, they might ask for it. You don’t need to generate any bar code to get the free SIM this time. SIM will get activated without hours after submitting required documents to reliance digital / Jio partner / Mini Store.

Even if your device doesn’t support VoLTE, don’t worry you can still get the SIM. But you won’t be able to make the VoLTE calls. Though there is an option to make free voice call, through the MyJio app. Reliance Jio is a 4G only network, so if you have an older Samsung or LG device with 3G only, the Jio SIM will not work in your phone.

While Reliance is extending its services to other OEM devices, the best way yet to experience its service is by getting own of company’s very own LYF branded handsets. Reliance LYF devices with 4G VoLTE support come for as cheap as Rs 2,999 and three months Reliance Jio Preview access.

It is not yet clear when Reliance will launch their commercial 4G service. It is sure that Reliance Jio will officially launch this year and we are already seeing trickling effect with more and more operators slashing data tariffs.

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