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Reliance Jio selling user data: Anonymous

Jio selling user data

Reliance Jio has been accused by a hacktivist group, the Anonymous. According to these reports, the company has been selling user call information to a foreign ad networks for money. Anonymous also claims that these occur mainly on two Jio apps, MyJio and Jio Dialler. Reliance Jio selling user data might be true, even after activating DND most users are frequently receiving advertisement SMS.

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Reliance Jio Selling User Data

The data is being sent to an advertising network called Mad-Me, a company based in USA and Singapore. The data sharing is happening in an encrypted mode, so the anyone can’t hack into the network and copy it. Reliance officials has already denied about this data breach. Anonymous has also put a detailed post how anyone can uncover what data is being shared by Reliance Jio to international servers. Though this method it is possible to recreate the hack to prove Jio’s data breach.

According to Anonymous, the data is being shared with the Ad network to make money. Earlier, the same group has earlier reported that the Jio is sending non-encrypted data from Jio Chat app to Chinese servers. As these shared data is unencrypted, anyone can snoop into the private conversations. The app’s coding was also revealed, which was in Chinese, which creates deeper suspicions. Reliance Jio officials also denied these report as well.

Anonymous also reported that Jio’s network is much safer now, but sharing user data with other nations is risky. Reliance Jio has refused such claims, and a spokesperson for the company said, “Jio takes its customers’ security and privacy very seriously. In keeping with its highest standards of governance, Jio does not share its customers’ data with any other entity. Any information captured by Jio is only for internal analysis to deliver better quality of service and recommend offerings from Jio’s product portfolio.”

If this is true, Jio will be in big trouble soon.There were rumors about Reliance Jio SIM locking phone SIM slot and not allowing other network’s SIMs after sometime. That was just a fake news and there were no proofs. It was happened only due to some lack of knowledge in the smartphone’s network settings.

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