Snapdeal new logo

Snapdeal changed their design and logo, with a new brand tagline. The company had invested Rs.200 crores in re-branding activities. The new Snapdeal tagline is “Unbox Zindagi,” and the new logo has red and white colors. The new logo is a red box, it looks complex and it is more refreshing from the old simple spell out of Snapdeal in red and blue.

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The whole website theme also changed into red and white colors and it looks a lot neater and more organized than the old one. The company is preparing for the festive season just like amazon and Flipkart, and will bring discounts and offers.

“Our new logo is visualized from the perspective of the happiest moment for an online buyer i.e. when she receives her ‘box’. We understand that every box that we deliver contains not just a product but represents a new opportunity, an aspiration or the start of a journey for our consumers. Our entire new brand identity right from the brand mark to its extensions, reflects the box – a representation of untold potential and possibilities,”

Rohit Bansal, co-founder Snapdeal said.

“There are 50-60 million online buyers in India currently and for e-commerce to become larger, the next 300-400 million people coming online would be very important… Things like discounts, fast shipping, functional benefits are already there, but going ahead, e-commerce brands will have to stand for something of a higher order,”

Snapdeal Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Kunal Bahl told PTI.

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