Sony SRS D9 2.1 Speakers for Bass Lovers - Review

Sony SRS D9 is Sony’s latest offering in Personal Home Audio Speaker segment for PCs and Laptops within 5,000 Rs (80-100$) .And Considering the price range within which they have placed SRS D9 , one must agree that it has taken a leap ahead of it’s competition for the standard in audio re-production.

If you were disconcerted by the audio output ( particularly bass ) of your existing mid-range 2.1 speakers , then Sony SRS D9 would definitely be a cure to the ailing corners of your heart , hunting for the punching bass and sonic-boom.

So let’s get started with our in-depth review of Sony SRS D9 2.1 Speakers , where we are going to consider almost every aspect from a consumer perspective.

Packaging & Build Quality :

The first thing you’ll notice when the Sony D9 arrives at your doorstep encased in a huge box is how massive it is for a 2.1 Audio Speaker. I mean literally , SRS D9 is comparatively way bigger than most mainstream 2.1 audio speakers.

When I place my Creative A235 along side my Sony SRS D9 , the former one looks hideously small against this monstrously large 2.1 speakers. Well there are way bigger 2.1 channel speakers than SRS D9 , but if you talk about Personal audio segment , D9s are quite huge!

However , that being said it doesn’t really carry much weight as it may deceive you from it’s initial impression. The Sub-Woofer is definitely heavy though , but the satellites aren’t. They are very much light weight. Light enough to place them on your laptop table top. The total box-sealed package weighs around 7kg , however it also includes the external power adaptor and connection cables.

What all is included in the package ?

Well , the box comes with

A Pair of Lovely looking Satellites with dimensions “Approx. 109 x 212 x 140 mm“. Weighing approximately 690gms for the left satellite and 620gms for the right satellite.
A massive Sub-woofer with dimensions “Approx. 240 x 310 x 318 mm” – ” (W x H x D) “. Weighing approximately 4,000gms!
A Power Cord with AC Adaptor (AC-E1826).
And bunch of connection cables as accessories : A RCA Stereo Cable(1.0m) , and a 3.5mm Audio cable (1.5m).

Click here for Full Specifications

Build Quality & Ease of Controls :

The first impressions Sony SRS D9 delivers to it’s buyers is the premium build quality it carries from Sony , specially at a price range of approximately 5,000 rs or less than 100 US$.

The satellites though are quite big , are well designed and have a premium plastic finish to them.Comes in matte greyish-blue gradient and the left satellite features the control knobs and buttons for the music system which are very well placed , provide smooth controls and easy operations.

SRS D9’s have some additions compared to it’s elderly brother Sony SRS D8. It boasts of USB-Playback and supports USB-Devices with a capacity of up to 16GB. The music playback buttons ( Previous/Play/Next) are placed at the bottom of the left satellite just below the volume know , which makes it easy to access and provides precise controls.

At the very top , you will find a huge volume control knob , which is very precise and offers nice volume levels and step-ups.

At the left and right corners of the satellite you will find controls knobs for Bass and Treble. Thought they may look pretty small but are well built and offer smooth controls.Last but not the least , you will notice a small power button , with a led right on top of it , which gives a steady green signal when it’s powered on.

There’s a LED Towards the right as well , which is an indicator of USB playback and it’s status.

Sony SRS D9 2.1 Speakers for Bass Lovers - Review
Sony SRS D9 Controls

Both the satellites have one speaker embedded on top of each of them , placed safely inside a metal grill surrounded by a chrome plated plastic bulge finish.The Sony logo looks pretty appealing on top of the pair.

Coming to the Sub woofers , you will notice that it’s built out of good quality wood with a smooth solid black finish to them which completely complements it’s size and design.The sub-woofer features two canal-openings to deliver the thumping-pumping heart-pounding bass you were craving for.And similar to the satellites , the sub-woofer unit also has a pair of Sub-woofer speaker unit placed well inside the big wooden box , well protected by a metal grill with a bulging-circular plate on it to make it look even nicer.

Speaker Connections & Set-up :

The connections are pretty easy to Set-up , being a 2.1 speaker . The incoming connection from Sub-woofer unit and Right satellite goes right into their pre-defined slots in the Left satellite.

Sony SRS D9 2.1 Speakers for Bass Lovers - Review
Sony SRS D9 Connections

As far as music input is concerned , you can either play music using a USB-Device which can be easily inserted in to the left facing port of the left satellite. Or else you can use RCA cables , or the 3.5MM Cables to bring in your audio inputs from your laptop or smartphone. There are separate slots for both RCA Cables and the 3.5mm Jack.

As far as power input is concerned , you will have to plug the AC Power adaptor into the left satellite and simply press on the small power switch on the left satellite speaker. The total power consumption at it’s peak is rated at 60 Watts !

The easy to Set-up connections and very well accessible controls makes Sony SRS D9 a charm to use even by a layman.

Sound Quality , Volume Levels & Enormous Punchy Bass :

Now coming to the most important aspect of the story , the Sound reproduction , quality , volume levels.

Like we mentioned in the beginning of this article that the first impressions of SRS D9 sub-woofers is that it’s giant for a 2.1 set-up and should deliver very good bass. Well , there is no denying in that impression at all , and holds completely true in case of SRS D9. Make sure that the first song you are going to play on it, has enormous amount of bass/lows in it. I would bet you that you would be delighted to turn all the knobs to their maximum and feel the true spirit of every penny spent on them.

Bass/Lows of SRS D9 : Oh , boy! This is the place where D9s are undeniably the winner and truly stands out of the competition.The Sub-woofer unit produces quite a huge amount of bass , which doesn’t sounds too harsh , neither does it sounds feeble. The bass it delivers seems to have a very good balance , and can be changed on will by using those bass control knobs. Though , I won’t be saying that the bass balance is perfect and precise , yet I am in favour of D9 and must say it’s very much what one would demand for. Perfect bass punches and boom-booms!

Audiophiles may deny or may even criticize the over-powering bass it delivers at it’s full blow, however you need to accept the fact that these aren’t audiophile grade speakers. These are build to rock your living room and shatter the windows by producing whooping but delightful bass.

The best part about D9’s is that the bass doesn’t breaks down or starts becoming painful even at higher volume levels.Thanks to the 30 Watts sub-woofer unit which does exactly what you paid for! Although it has been categorized under personal audio , but let me tell you the songs you will play won’t be personal any more if you turn up the volume midway or more. It’s pretty loud and powerful , and may easily reach the ear-drums of your neighbour earning you a “noisy neighbour” tag effortlessly.

Output of Satellites : Every satellite has 15 Watts power output which ensures that you don’t get those crackling sounds , neither does it feels over-powered by the bass output. A very good combination of 15+15 Watts of satellites and 30 Watts of sub-woofer output.!

While the lows ( bass ) and highs ( treble ) are the comforting zones of SRS D9 , the vocals ( mids ) sounds a bit muffled compared to other speakers in the same range. Blame it on the V curve of the output spectrum , but that’s a harsh truth about D9 , which you must digest for the sake of awesome lows you get with it!

Thus the speakers may sound perfect for music playback and movies , but may feel a bit lesser appealing when you use them for communication and audio casts which relies a lot on vocals. I would highly recommend turning the treble part to it’s maximum to have the desirable output on the vocal based playbacks.

Sony SRS D9 2.1 Speakers for Bass Lovers - Review

Our Verdict on Sony SRS D9 after the review : Should you buy it ?

Well it entirely depends on what kind of music output you are looking for.

If you are in need of something which is solid built , big in size and complements your 40 inch plus LED Television in looks , offers deep-punchy bass with heart-full filling booms , has enough room for boosting the volume levels and comes well within the budget then this might be one of the best options you have in the market right now , specially from a reputed brand like Sony !

Apparently , if you are in need for something which is not loud and bass oriented then I would suggest you to look for some other recommendations that SRS D9. As the D9’s are truly made for a bass lover !

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