WhatsApp added new features in their Android beta version. This include the option to draw on images, just like Snapchat and a screen flash option for front camera shots.

These features are included in the Android beta version 2.16.264. In this version, if you open the camera to take a photo, you can see additional editing tools now pop up after the photo is clicked or selected. There is a new ‘pencil’ tool and a ‘T’ button on screen allow users to scribble, draw and write on top of images. There is also an option to pick colors. This kind of feature was first introduced in Snapchat and later Instagram added similar features to their Instagram Stories.

WhatsApp new Scribble Tool

Another feature is the front facing flash, which uses screen flash features. This activates a white flash like effect on the screen while you take a selfie, it will help to capture better pictures in low light conditions. Both these features will be only available in you use the WhatsApp camera app or previously shared images, it won’t work on other camera apps. If you choose an image from gallery and choose to send through the app, these features won’t be there.

This feature is only available in Android beta version now; you can download the beta version 2.16.264 from below given link. WhatsApp recently added the feature to send messages to multiple users or groups at a time.


WhatsApp recently added bigger emojis, and the ability to zoom in and out when recording video via the app. The company is currently working to introduce a new video calling features, and the previous beta versions started supporting GIF image sharing (Read here).

WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.264 beta Download (Android 2.3.4+)


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