WhatsApp Group Chat

There were rumors that WhatsApp is going to enable an option to invite users to groups using shareable links. The company has now implemented the feature and it is now available for beta users. This new WhatsApp Group Chat Invites with Shareable Links feature is useful if you want to create an open group, it wont work well for friends and family.

WhatsApp Group Chat

This feature is available for WhatsApp beta users running version 2.16.281 and above. The same feature is available for iOS users running version 2.16.10 and above. Using this feature, group administrators will have the ability to add new members using shareable links. Administrates will have to tap on the add participant option to get the “Invite to group via link” on top of the contacts. Once selected, a page will open with text reading, “Anyone with WhatsApp can follow this link to join this group”, a simple warning about the new WhatsApp Group Chat invite. Only share it with people you trust.”

There is an option to share these invite links through QR codes as well. New member, those who want to join the group can simply scan the QR code to join the group.

Earlier this month WhatsApp added the mentions feature in its Android and iOS versions. Users can use the “@” sign in a group and the app will suggest a list of group members. This feature is currently available only in group chats.

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