WhatsApp Voice Mail

WhatsApp is pushing out an update for Voice Mail feature to Android and iOS users. This update will allow users to send voicemail to a contact if he/she has not answered the call. The new WhatsApp Voice Mail feature has been bundled as a part of version 2.16.8 (on iOS) and version 2.16.229 (on Android).

WhatsApp Voice Mail
WhatsApp Voice Mail

Which means, in case the call made from the app is rejected, users will also be shown the option to leave a ‘voice message’ along with the ‘call again’ and ‘cancel’ options. Users will be able to send voice mails by holding down the ‘voice message’ button. Once the user is finished speaking, he can lift his finger from the screen to send the message. This message will appear in the user’s active WhatsApp conversation with the caller.

Also, in case a user changes his mind while sending the WhatsApp Voice Mail, then he can also cancel the message by sliding his finger to the left. However, so far users cannot listen to the recording before sending the voice mail. If you want to cancel the voice mail, it is possible by sliding the finger to the left side. There is no option to listen to the recorded voice mail before sending it.

This new update also enables bigger emoji (update version 2.16.7), zoom in/out functionality for video recording and the ability to delete multiple private chats simultaneously. Users just need to tap on the camera icon in order to start recording a video, and zoom in/out by sliding the phone up and down. Moreover, the recording will stop when users zoom in and automatically start when the perfect frame is selected.

The company is adding more and more features to the app recently. Last month, the company introduced a quote feature similar to Twitter, wherein users can reply messages with quoted text.


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