Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft may be planning to start rolling out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update from August 2. The company posted a blog with the headline, “Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2,” but it contained no other information. Later this post has since been taken down. It is possible that the post went up earlier than scheduled, and was hence removed.

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 Anniversary Update at its annual Build conference this year. This update is scheduled to be available this summer. It will be adding a bunch of new features to Windows 10 devices. Further, Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, has also been improved. It will now work from the lock screen and be more proactive in offering suggestions.

However, Microsoft will hopefully ask all users before installing the update. A few days back, it was a reported that a California-based travel agent had taken Microsoft to court when her computer at work slowed down after an unauthorised Windows 10 update. The woman, Teri Goldstein, said that she had never even heard of Windows 10, and nobody had asked her to update the OS. She claimed that she tried to take up her grievance with Microsoft’s customer support, but could not get a resolution. Microsoft decided to drop the appeal, and pay her $10,000 in damages instead.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Mobile lands on August 2 too

Microsoft stayed mum on any launch details for the same update on mobile devices. Now though Dona Sarkar, the head of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program, has confirmed that the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will be out on August 2 too. The confirmation came via a Twitter reply to a concerned individual asking about the mobile release of the latest Windows 10 update.

This doesn’t mean that every phone running Windows 10 will receive that update notification on August 2. Because there are so many different models to take care of, it’s probably going to take at least a few weeks until you’ll see the Anniversary Update on most Microsoft handsets running Windows 10 Mobile. But at least we now have a rough idea of when to expect this to happen.


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