Anniversary update

Microsoft Lumia’s official twitter account revealed the date in a tweet, and it was later removed. Windows 10 PCs already started getting Windows 10 Anniversary update, but not for phones. According to Microsoft Lumia’s official Twitter account, they will push out an update on August 9. In a reply to another Twitter user, the company reportedly said, “For mobile, it will be available on August 9, 2016.” However, the tweet has since been removed. The mobile anniversary update is designed to bring new features to Windows smartphones.

The Windows 10 anniversary update includes some updates on the start screen, Cortana Voice assistant, Edge Browser, some other apps, and various settings all over the user interface.

Windows 10 users already waited a long time to get Windows 10 update in their Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Microsoft was supposed to roll out the update last year, but they had to delay. Windows 10 update for mobile phones was rolled out from this March only. Windows Mobile smartphones are recently losing their market, now the market share is less than 1% globally.

On July 29th the option to update Windows 7 or Windows 8 PCs to new Windows option was ended. Now older Windows users will have to pay for Windows 10 editions.

And if you’re wondering if your handset will get the upgrade, you just need to check whether or not it is on the list of compatible devices

  • BLU Win HD LTE
  • BLU Win HD w510u
  • Lumia 430
  • Lumia 435
  • Lumia 532
  • Lumia 535
  • Lumia 540
  • Lumia 635 (1GB RAM)
  • Lumia 636 (1GB RAM)
  • Lumia 638 (1GB RAM)
  • Lumia 640
  • Lumia 640 XL
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 735
  • Lumia 830
  • Lumia 930
  • Lumia 1520
  • MCJ Madosma


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