Bendable Smartphone

A newly leaked video suggests Xiaomi might be working on creating a smartphone with bendable touchscreen. If Xiaomi is really making a bendable smartphone, the company might reveal more info about the phone during the even on October 25.

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Xiaomi Making a Bendable Smartphone?

A leaked video shows a user holding a bent smartphone in his palm. The smartphone seems to be running on Xiaomi’s MIUI OS. User is scrolling through different features of the phone and the device seems to be performing well. The bent is at an angle, so that the user can scroll from top to bottom, and even left to right with ease.

Flexible displays are introduced a few years ago from Nokia, in 2008 for the Nokia Morph concept. Even Sony, Samsung and LG made their own flexible displays, but none of them hot the commercial market. LG recently announced they will invest KRW1.99 trillion (approx. Rs. 11,768 crores) to produce flexible display for smartphone.

Recently, Samsung is also rumored to work with bendable smartphones, and the company might launch a device next year. But there is no official announcement about a flexible device launch. We will have to wait and see what Xiaomi can do, as they don’t manufacture parts for the smartphone, the company should be buying displays from LG, Samsung or Sharp.


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