YouTube Gaming

The YouTube Gaming app is now available in India. The app is available for Android and iOS, and will allow users to watch videos and live streams related to video games, automatically pulling all videos and live streams from YouTube to YouTube Gaming according to the topic. The company also says that more that 25,000 games will comes with their own pages, which will contain the best videos and live streams about that specific title. Users will also find channels from a number of different game publishers and YouTube creators.

YouTube Gaming will allow users to watch live streams and videos related to games, while Android users will be able to record and stream mobile gameplay, live.

The app will also make it easy for users to keep up with their favourite games and channels. They will be able to add a game to their collection, and can quickly check out the latest videos related to that title. Users will also get a notification if a live stream is started by one of the channels that they subscribe to. In addition, Android users will be able to record and stream mobile gameplay live directly from their devices via Mobile Capture in the YouTube Gaming app. It will also allow users to record commentary via the phone’s microphone. YouTube Gaming was launched for the US and UK in August last year.


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