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Welcome to “Nextinweb.com”, this website was founded in 2016 February. The main goal of this website is to share news and information related to the tech industry. This website used to have a lots of traffic from the mid 2016 to late 2017. But due to some technical problems we lost almost all of our visitors. There is also a Facebook page, a twitter page and two YouTube channels associated with this website.

Founder of this website and all related other services is Shijil Thachilodi from Kerala, India. Shijil is an English graduate who like to spend his time around computers and internet all the time.

If you want to become a tech blog writer, just contact me via Email or Facebook page.

Location: Kannur, Kerala, India

contact: nextinwebhelp@gmail.com, help@nextinweb.com

YouTube channels Malayalam, English

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nextinweb

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nextinwebcom

Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/shijilt/gadgets-tech-news/