Mi CC9 Pro

Mi CC9 Pro packing a penta lens rear camera setup went official in China earlier today, and it appears that the phone’s capable camera hardware also delivers impressive results. The Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition has peaked at the top of DxOMark’s ranking of best phones for smartphone photography, and is tied with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro at the summit with a net score of 121. Mi CC9 Pro scored more than any other phone out there when it comes to videography, which is again an impressive feat. Overall, the Mi CC9 Pro has surpassed some capable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Google Pixel 4, which definitely makes a solid statement about its camera prowess.

DxOMark has awarded the Mi CC9 Pro a net score of 121, which puts it jointly at the top with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. The net tally of 121 points puts the Mi CC9 Pro above some very capable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Huawei P30 Pro, and the Google Pixel 4. The Xiaomi phone achieved 130 for still photography and 102 for video recording. Mi CC9 Pro’s video score of 102 is the highest score awarded to any phone in DxOMark’s database, putting it above the likes of Galaxy Note 10+ and the Google Pixel 4.

In the test, it was found that the Mi CC9 Pro’s dual telephoto cameras delivered good zoom performance, and the autofocus performance was also fast and accurate. Depth estimation and bokeh effects were found to be generally good, and distortion was kept to a minimum in photos captured by the wide-angle camera. Night shots taken by the Mi CC9 Pro were found to produce natural skin tones and in most cases, the photos had good detail with minimal noise and good exposure control. The colour reproduction was found to be pleasing overall.

As far as weaknesses go, DxOMark mentions that edges of images captured by the Mi CC9 Pro turned out less sharp and there was a purple tint in the photos of sky captured by the phone. Also, the Xiaomi phone was found to be lagging behind other top performers when it comes to dynamic range. In case of videos, limited dynamic range, occasional colour fringing, frame drops, and judders while panning in a frame were found to be the weak areas. DxOMark is yet to test the selfie camera of the Mi CC9 Pro though. But the phone’s overall score of 121 indicates that superior camera capabilities need not necessarily be limited to flagship phones only.



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