Samsung patent

South Korean tech giant Samsung has filed a new patent for a smartphone with an expandable display that can give users more screen when required, GizmoChina reported on Monday.

According to the patent, one would be able to increase or decrease the size of the display with the help of moveable backside plate. As per the report, the patented smartphone also has a quirky sensor that can recognise a change in the touch input coordinate in real-time to calculate the degree of increase or decrease of the display screen size.

This smartphone will also support gesture sensor, gyroscope, atmospheric pressure sensor, compass, accelerometer, grip sensor, colour sensor, infrared (IR) sensor, biometric sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and luminance sensor, reported Patently Mobile. According to the report, there is a premium price for larger models of today’s leading smartphones like Apple iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Through this new device, Samsung could actually be offering a smartphone with multiple screen sizes, thereby providing greater flexibility to the users. It is also worth noting that this concept is not limited to a smartphone. It could come with a tablet or other gadgets in the future. This is not the first time that we are seeing a patent for a smartphone with an extendable display.

Chinese smartphone major Xiaomi had also patented a smartphone with an extendable display. Additionally, the company also patented a foldable smartphone with five pop-up camera setup. According to the patent, the foldable phone has an outward-folding screen and depending on how a user holds it, the five cameras can either be rear cameras or front-facing cameras.



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